Using ZeroTier with an OS like Pi-hole(raspberry-pi linux based OS) on my network and using steam link

I want to use this as a VPN for a service that is a “black hole” for adverts, the software is called Pi-hole and I want to be able to connect to my VPN(Zerotier) through my phone so when I am on the go I can connect to my network and get the benefits of adblocking from my Pi-Hole

Also, can I use this software to allow me to access my steam Link from a remote source? I want to be able to connect to my Steam library that has my games on my desktop when I am not home, the system that will connect is a Linux computer.

People do you zerotier with pi-hole like that. When you are first joining a network on a mobile device, you can specify your pi-hole’s zerotier address.

Steam link should work, as long as each device can install/run zerotier. You may have to check here
if it doesn’t just work.

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