Ver 1.6.oh no but loving that DNS push

Good day!

Latest version on main desktop and laptop.

Connected to multiple ZT networks.

When using the GUI to disconnect from a ZT network (I’m only connected to specific networks when I need to them) I am unable to then join any of the other ZT networks. Nor can I join the one I just left.

Restarting the zerotier service does not work. Rebooting is the only solution to regain the ability to join one of my networks.

This occurs on both the desktop and the laptop.

Mac or Windows? Which version?

Both on Windows 10 Pro x64 version 20H2.

After you reboot, does it continue to work, or does the bug show up again?

Issue persists after reboot.

Easy to reproduce. Using GUI click on network to disconnect. Shortly after attempt to reconnect to same network or one in the list that I’m not currently connected to. UI popup screencap attached.


Restarting the ‘ZeroTier One’ does not resolve. Reboot is the only way ZeroTier will work after this bug presents itself.

Been doing some digging and have found that this issue exists in 1.4.6 as well. Not sure why it’s just manifesting more often now. Upon system boot, everything checks out and the virtual network drivers are loaded just fine. After some period of time, however, Windows decides that the driver signature is no longer valid, even though it loaded just fine on boot. We’re actively looking for a solution to this.

Sounds good.

As a workaround I’m leaving it connected to all the networks I need access to. It’s been 24 hrs and that seems to work.

How will I know when it’s addressed?

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