Waiting for System Service AND no virtual network created after installing

Hello all, (XPost from Reddit)

I have been using ZeroTier for a while, but haven’t had this issue.

Fresh windows install, downloaded zerotier, when opening ZT I get “waiting for zerotier system service”.

I also do not see any ZT networks in Windows “Network Connections”.

I have attempted to raise permissions and enabling inheritance (although mine is greyed out).

Downloading version 1.6.6, I am able to get into the GUI, but cannot connect to the Zerotier Services.

One thing that kind of worked was joining via command line. Although on ZeroTier Central it shows the new client is offline and has no version or physical IP data. i do see the network in Windows “Network Connections” but cannot ping any other device in ZT.

Any clue why a fresh windows install would be having this issue?

Thanks all!

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