Web server of local host not available on VPS browser

Hello folks.

My question is im trying to use zerotier acting as a bridge between raspberry pi in local network and cloud hosted VPS.

I am hosting a simple web page using(node-red) at one port of raspberry pi(local network). But i cannot see the web page over the mesh networks IP yet even though i can get pings or response by doing telnet on port 8000. But when i look for the ip directly in the browser i dont see the page .

This page will then be shown when i go to the public ip of the vps, thus, user(my family members) will be able to use the web page same way without or without being in local network…

Please share your views if you have ever made it work.

Use case:
Web server controlling the esp devices of home, the vps connected to my home network to make it reachable by public internet also. Hosting web server alone in cloud wont help and i dont have public static ip.



Anyone who can help?

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