What is the status of 2.0??

Hello ZT,

It is almost 2 years since 2.0 was “relatively close”. What is the status?


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I’m waiting for the “zerotier 2.0” since 2 years ago when I heard “zerotier 2.0” was “relatively close”.
I’m just want to know if it has dead or not

Which features are you looking forward to?

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The new way of doing “moons”. We have a couple remote nodes that refuse to connect directly. We’ve spun up our own moons and the performance is still very poor, lots of dropped packets.

@alan Can you elaborate? Perhaps in a new thread? I’m not seeing anything in what’s been announced about the new root architecture in 2.0 that will help with what you’re stating here.

Also, for more, re: 2.0, see here: ZeroTier Summer 2021 Update – ZeroTier

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Setting up a moon node requires a fixed IP, but my IP address is dynamic. My IP address changes every 96 hours or 72 hours, which prevents me from building a moon node.
I have consulted related documents and github issues before, and learned that zerotier 1.x cannot support ddns to build moon nodes. This is the only factor that makes me very eager for zerotier 2.0.

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