Why is software dropping all the time these days? The more updated, the more unstable

Why is software dropping all the time these days? The more updated, the more unstable.

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Short time and low budged for developement and testing. The customers have to do the testing. One of the reasons that 50% of the background tasks of windows are for data logging and system analysis.

Is there a specific issue we can help with? If you’d like us to help you’ll need to provide us with details such as the OS, version, what behavior you’re seeing and what you’ve tried.

I used this software in China, and my local system has windows 7. Recently, there were frequent disconnection problems, I thought it was due to the system and software version. Later, I upgraded version 1.10, but the disconnection still occurred, sometimes some nodes would even be disconnected for 5 hours, but these things happened in the last two weeks, and the disconnection never happened before. My win7 system is installed with version 1.4.6, but after the upgrade of version 1.10, both versions will go offline. At first, I thought it was the software version, but after the upgrade, I found it was not the version problem.

We’ve started noticing more issues with people using ZT on Chinese ISPs and cloud services so I wouldn’t rule out filtering/interference at that level.

Is the connection restored when you restart your machines?

The same problem happens every day, the call will be dropped from time to time, but there is also a coincidence, it is after I installed the address, I don’t know whether it and something else conflict.

When there is a problem, those with long disconnection points, rebooting will not solve the problem.

I’ve seen other people using Chinese IPs complaining about dropped packets and/or full disconnection. Some of them even said that they experienced this problem at a regular schedule. So definitely seems to be a blockage/filtering problem.

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