Why old topics are automatically locked?

This is really unusual that old threads are automatically closed and nobody can reply.
I think it’s really bad for forum life as for solving issues as well.
Sometimes it may be that someone else with the same problem will find the topic and he can’t ask if the problem was solved and how, but must start new topic which wont notify anyone from previous thread.
Also traceability is limited - if there is any small issue that should be fixed on Zerotier side - you won’t even notice because who will remember 100 never answered topics?
If there would be no that auto-close on forum, people would indicate that topic is important answering over longer period of time.


I agree, Albert, the auto-close is a serious problem. I understand why it helps prevent Necroing threads, but 7 Days is not exactly corpse territory in my books (unless you are playing said game.)
That said, I’m thinking 1 month max?

I agree, a week is too short.

What worries me more is that it appears there is a lot less participation from the ZT folks. Could be they are busy with coding or has the recent influx of new $$$ have them going in a different direction now?

I agree, 7 days seems a bit short. 4 weeks would seem reasonable.

Let’s face it, if you log a support request on a Friday before you have a week annual leave, you won’t them be able to follow it up.

As a member of the ZeroTier team, I just wanted to make a few comments on this thread.

Yes, team members do monitor and answer support questions that appear on the board. Because of the volume and the sheer variation of questions posted, we are unable to guarantee a reply from a team member, but we do try to prioritize product issues over networking education questions.

As for ZeroTier’s direction, there will always be a ZT-based open-source method to connect devices. We consider ZeroTier as an open core product. In fact, we love it when new users try the free version – even if it’s for gaming or home lab use. We are constantly amazed by the ways people use ZeroTier.

If you are a business evaluating ZeroTier and you have questions, or if you want to launch a proof-of-concept or work on product R&D, contact our sales team and we’ll work with you to make sure your project is supported.

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Translating from business language to common: no any support nor answers for free.
Topic life must be short because people could help each other and substitute professional support team.
Sure - I understand it. Everyone need to do something for living.

But what about bug reports? Do I need to call support and pay to report a bug?
This normally is considered as contribution of users, so shouldn’t it be free?

You can create a post on here, or open an issue on our GitHub repository to report a bug. No one is asking you to pay to report a bug.


So sad but seems to be true.

I’ve changed it to 30 days.