Windows zerotier client can only ping a subset of devices in zerotier network [2]

Posting again since previous post was closed by bot. The issue still persists and I have no way of debugging it. Any help highly appreciated!

I have a Windows 10 computer which I’m using to connect to a zerotier network with more than 100 clients connected to it. On my computer I have installed zerotier version 1.4.6. The devices in the network are either Linux machines with 1.2.12 or Windows machines with 1.4.6. I used to be able to connect to all devices which I needed to connect to, however, I’m unable to connect to some devices right now (not sure whether these devices were only added recently).

I know of two devices in the zerotier network from zerotier central. Let’s assume they have the IPs and I can ping and ssh into but I’m unable to ping or ssh into I did check my routing table by using the command “route print” and I see an entry for with mask with my zerotier interface which seems to be correct.
If I ssh into, I can reach (so sees A colleague of mine which is connected to the same zerotier network with Windows and zerotier 1.4.6 has no issues connecting to and Therefore, I assume there is a problem with the setup on my machine or with my zerotier account.

I did try disconnecting and connecting to the zerotier network and I also restarted zerotier on my computer. Both did not help.

Is this a known issue on Windows zerotier clients? What do I need to do to reset zerotier completely on my machine? Is there a way to see some debugging logs for zerotier?

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