Zerotier 1.8.6 - phamtom IP ( -> Google Cloud )

Hi, i create a private network, for connecting 4 server over the web .
i saw them as LEAF, but a fifthty one, appear :
In that network, i don’t use default route, and i never add this host, i try to create a new network, and i saw it one more time . It’s a part of zerotier network ?

Your peers list is a list of machines running ZeroTier that your install of ZeroTier knows about, not necessarily just members of your network(s).

In this case, though, I’m betting if you look at the ID of the machine you see from Google Cloud, it will be the same as the first 10 digits of a network you’re joined to. That’s the network controller, and yes we host our network controllers for on Google Cloud.

See here for more info on peers.

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