Zerotier crashing due to illegal instruction error


I’m on x86_64 Linux and I upgraded from 1.4.x of zeroteir to 1.5.x today.
I restarted my pc only to know that zeroteir doesn’t work anymore.
I tried running it manually with sudo and it gave this error:
zsh: illegal hardware instruction sudo zerotier-one
Also dmesg was filled with error messages at this point:

[ 1110.607179] traps: zerotier-one[5374] trap invalid opcode ip:5e534d19d939 sp:7fff097f8250 error:0 in zerotier-one[5e534d07b000+1ac000] [ 1111.607979] traps: zerotier-one[5377] trap invalid opcode ip:56ea27e4d939 sp:7ffe8159c4d0 error:0 in zerotier-one[56ea27d2b000+1ac000] [ 1112.608216] traps: zerotier-one[5380] trap invalid opcode ip:599ac08cc939 sp:7fffdcdaa870 error:0 in zerotier-one[599ac07aa000+1ac000] [ 1113.609844] traps: zerotier-one[5383] trap invalid opcode ip:61cbb7f9f939 sp:7ffc7ac4f320 error:0 in zerotier-one[61cbb7e7d000+1ac000] [ 1114.610227] traps: zerotier-one[5386] trap invalid opcode ip:5c15c86c9939 sp:7ffccc22b4d0 error:0 in zerotier-one[5c15c85a7000+1ac000] [ 1115.611705] traps: zerotier-one[5389] trap invalid opcode ip:5906922b9939 sp:7ffe97ae4f90 error:0 in zerotier-one[590692197000+1ac000] [ 1116.613848] traps: zerotier-one[5392] trap invalid opcode ip:5667fea66939 sp:7ffd6bb32450 error:0 in zerotier-one[5667fe944000+1ac000] [ 1117.615027] traps: zerotier-one[5395] trap invalid opcode ip:61a2d8d7d939 sp:7ffef901b990 error:0 in zerotier-one[61a2d8c5b000+1ac000] [ 1118.614374] traps: zerotier-one[5398] trap invalid opcode ip:624fe2cf7939 sp:7ffeb9d1bb90 error:0 in zerotier-one[624fe2bd5000+1ac000] [ 1119.615451] traps: zerotier-one[5401] trap invalid opcode ip:5775643ae939 sp:7ffd49677e60 error:0 in zerotier-one[57756428c000+1ac000] [ 1120.617096] traps: zerotier-one[5404] trap invalid opcode ip:61adf6404939 sp:7ffeb41b0660 error:0 in zerotier-one[61adf62e2000+1ac000] [ 1121.617638] traps: zerotier-one[5407] trap invalid opcode ip:5fe917248939 sp:7ffe72f283a0 error:0 in zerotier-one[5fe917126000+1ac000] [ 1122.618605] traps: zerotier-one[5410] trap invalid opcode ip:650aab38b939 sp:7ffc8c59b260 error:0 in zerotier-one[650aab269000+1ac000] [ 1123.619550] traps: zerotier-one[5413] trap invalid opcode ip:5e5fcfebb939 sp:7fff13644b00 error:0 in zerotier-one[5e5fcfd99000+1ac000] [ 1124.621175] traps: zerotier-one[5416] trap invalid opcode ip:57636aa4d939 sp:7ffd21884f80 error:0 in zerotier-one[57636a92b000+1ac000] [ 1125.622434] traps: zerotier-one[5419] trap invalid opcode ip:5e15f8edc939 sp:7fffca1d5900 error:0 in zerotier-one[5e15f8dba000+1ac000]


1.5.0 is a beta. There have been a few changes in the dev branch if you’d like to give that a try and see if it resolves your issue.

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