Zerotier onto a Helium Miner M1 SDcard

Hello All,

An odd request,no doubt. Is there anyway to add onto an M1 Sensecap miner device SDcard , Zerotier.
Am familiar with rebuilding squash images,which is what Sensecap uses.
Our local server is now behind cgnat,with all ports blocked by cellular carrier.

Have an Google Compute Engine, Debian Bullseye server ,just set up with static IPV4 address.
My thought is if i could get Zerotier onto the Sense cap device sdcard ,simply do port forward from Sensecap,connected to local Debian Server with Zerotier , port forward to the GC VM with Zerotier on it, probably double nat.
Don’t really have any need to go down the Wireguard rabbit hole,VPN ,for my local server to get connected to the GC VM for this simple piece to work


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