Zerotier sometimes does not work only Linux

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I have very weird issue with zerotier. In my network every windows machine working correctly but only Linux works sometimes. For instance I see him on ZeroTier Central for 30 minutes and after the device disappear. It happens couple of times per day but mostly doesn’t work. I have internet based on GSM LTE

However I wanted to check if the same issue will be in other network and it turned out that in other network everything work correctly.

Sum up. If it is issue in terms network so why devices based on Windows working correctly

I’ve seen this before on LTE - some providers put time limits on connections. We had a service that dropped out every 2 hours on the dot whilst on the data connection. As soon as it went onto a proper connection, it was fine. To get it back up and running I had to restart the Linux daemon.

As to why it only happens on Linux, potentially the linux client can’t/doesn’t detect that it’s no longer communicating with ZT. Maybe the Windows client does this better. I can’t be sure.

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Thanks for responding bryn.moorhouse. I will try put another sim card today and let’s see what will happen

We worked around it by having a script that ran every minute, checked for ping, then restarted the ZT service if it couldn’t ping a remote host.

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could you provide me the script ? BTW is it another way to repair that? perhaps some options in ZeroTier?

Try this:- we don’t use it anymore though, so bear that in mind. Put this in the root crontab as ***** and it will run every minute

if [ “ping -c 1 some_ip_here” ]
echo “all online - although you’ll never see this message”
echo “offline”
service zerotier-one restart

I’m not sure if it can be fixed on ZT to be honest. I suspect they could do something similar (but better), but I’m not sure.

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Thanks Bro. I will try use it later. I hope they will repair. To be honest I want to ZeroTier in order to run my desktop by wakeonlan and would like to create MediaWiki on my raspberrypi :slight_smile:

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