ZeroTier with Bitdefender (Can't Ping new Zerotier setup)


This is a post quite specific to people with Bitdefender anti-virus

When you create a new install you will get a prompt from Windows asking for permission, just answering yes creates an entry in


Scroll to bottom of Rules list and Zerotier One should be the last entry. This should show all protocols and both direction etc. i.e. everything getting through BUT although you can probably ping FROM this new setup you cannot ping it from another ZT setup on the same network.

What I found you have to do is turn “Stealth Mode” OFF. as follows

as above instead of “Rules” go to
Stealth Mode
Edit Stealth Settings (in blue)

Here you will see various entries including all you ZT networks with by default Stealth Mode on.

Turn Stealth Mode OFF and ping will work.

Why you can’t add a specific entry under the previous settings for “Rules” {and leave stealth mode on} I don’t know. Bitdefender support a little vague here, but turning stealth mode off works


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