Cannot connect to remote server in Windows 10

My knowledge of networks is somewhat limited. I have Zerotier on a number of windows 10 machines. They have been assigned managed IPs and show they are online. I am having trouble seeing the devices at the remote networks. The assigned local IPs at the various remote sites do not conflict. I am having trouble pinging these remote machines consistently either by IP or name…I am sometimes also successful pinging the managed IPs. When connecting to a remote site, I am sometimes able to connect to a Sybase database, but not a SQL database on the same machine. I cannot contact a NAS on the same network where these databases live. There are no conflicts with local antivirus programs. I even tried to open port 9993 on the hardwired firewall with no success. I did have a perpetual VPN link established between hardwired firewalls that worked great with these same devices. With Zerotier, I am struggling to get the initial setup correct. I am assuming this is a windows 10 problem. Can anyone make suggestions that might help me out?

Update. When viewing the ZeroTier adapter in windows 10 and in running the network diagnostics, it states “Zerotier One {adapter id} doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.” Looking at the adapter status, it is enabled but shows no internet access…is this a problem?

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