How to add a Router LTE to a Zerotier

Hello , it is my first time in the platform but according what I see , I think Zerotier is exactly what We are looking for have access to several CPE LTE equipment that have internet connection through the mobile operator , we used almost all operators in our country since depending of the site where the CPE is installed there are different mobile network conditions so we used the best condition to connect our equipment.

The router is based on MediaTek MT7628AN ver:1 eco:2 Architecture and the Firmware Version is the 1.8

I would like to know how we can add these CPEs to the Zerotier network and how we can access them.

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The same way you add any other CPE or a standalone PC - install a client on the device and authorize it on the controller.
So, the question to be answered is “how can I install a ZT client on this router?
This is what you should discuss with the router manufacturer.

Hello, thanks for your e answer, I already installed and configure the zerotier package on the lte routers, Actually I Can see both nodes on the web zerotier platform, however , I can’t access one equipment on node 2 from one equipment that belongs to node 1.
Can you recommend me what should I checked?

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I guess you need to check your firewall settings on the routers first.
Assuming you have no NAT between the LAN and ZT, you also need to set/check the routes on both controller and the endpoints, search for managed routes.
See also Zerotier router setup not working - #4 by AndrewZ

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