ZeroTier 1.12.1 is here!

Our Summer 2023 release includes:

  • Increased reliability, performance, and resource efficiency
  • Our brand-new network observability feature
  • Plus, bug fixes and improvements

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Any chance of updated Ubiquiti packages for this new release?

The performance improvements, however small, sound tempting in this use case but the last time the packages at Index of /dist/ubiquiti/ were updated was March 2022.

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when will the iOS app be updated?

It is still on version 1.8.10 and OnDemand feature is in Beta since version 1.8.1!


The bugfixes are very welcome, especially affecting delays and reliability after network changes and after sleep - as my colleagues move from network to network and mostly sleep their laptops without much regard to how ZeroTier has to keep up.

The obersvability feature is very welcome, too. We’ll definitely use it.

One thing is bugging us for a while now and it is related to WFH scenarios and connection establishment (RELAY vs DIRECT).

We have set up ZeroTier and made most of our in-house services incl. Active Directory available so that it can replace our existing SSLVPN solution for the ~100 Windows client PCs, many of them in WFH situation. (We created a custom Windows service which manages additional NRPT rules depending on network location, but that’s working fine.)

The one thing that is still stopping us from rolling this out in full are scenarios where a connection is relayed and a direct connection cannot be established. These scenarios are hard to debug (probably by nature, as they also involve the network gear inbetween like various home router configurations etc.).

Right now we are looking at ways to at least monitor the connection state (RELAY and DIRECT).

→ If it is somehow possible to provide more details to debug these issues, that would be very welcome.


On UDM you can simply use apt install zerotier. The latest package is 1.12.1 for arm64.

But I so need the alpine packages to be updated? I have a small hyper-v vm that is sole purpose is to relay packets between my home server and my workplace PC. I’ve already made a post here

thank you.

Alpine packages are provided by the alpine community. You might have to go nudge the package maintainer

Agree. This would be much appreciated!

Sadly that’s not going to happen. The zerotier’s community package was expunged from the repository due to license incompatibility. This means the only options are to build the package from source or wait for a official build from zerotier itself, like the debian/ubuntu repositories that they already own.

Here the details [Feature Request] alpine 3.18 package is missing · Issue #2020 · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub


The link on the site “Download ZeroTier” it gives a 404 when I try to download the windows version… But when I go to the " Older Versions" and look for the windows version 1.12.1 the download works works…

Sorry about that. It should be fixed momentarily

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