Zerotier per app support

I plan to use Zerotier for reverse ssh connections to nodes. Is it possible to use Zerotier only for ssh connections without affecting the other part of the traffic - when use it for reverse SSH uses a split tunnel on Zerotier which does not affect other type of traffic that is critical to delays, for example, a media streaming traffic?

Most VPNs by default take over the OS and all runnings apps must go through the VPN. But reverse SSH is a distinct process for itself- it is an individual tunnel that does not affect other apps.

ZeroTier is more a Software Defined Network than a VPN. It does not force all traffic to go through it unless YOU configure it to do so. It’s not configured like that out of the box. It’s more like putting a second Ethernet card in your machine plugging it into a second LAN. Via that adapter, you can only talk to other things also plugged into the second LAN. From there, if you so choose, you can limit traffic to only SSH via the rules engine, or by configuring the firewalls on the machines connected to the network to only allow incoming SSH connections.

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