0 bits receipt on server


I have one network with a big problem :

The server has a fixed ip (
The first customer has fixed ip (
My computer has dynamic ip

The server receives 0 bit via its zerotier connection. I disabled the Windows firewall (No other active firewall), i disabled filtering on internet box and i activated the DMZ on local network fixed ip. I reinstalled zerotier one many times.

The first customer and my computer can’t ping the server but they may be pinging each other.

Please help, i’m stuck :frowning:

Clarification, which Windows Firewall did you deactivate? There are three boxes mentioned here, and I must ask, has the server itself assigned the Zerotier connection as a Private network? [There is a tendency for Zerotier connections to be allocated to the public internet settings in windows, they should be private networks, otherwise, firewall settings on the Zerotier links will interfere. When a Zerotier link activates, you should say yes for trusting the network on the blue side-bar which pops up.]


Thanks for your help and your time.

I have disabled all area (public / private / domain) and my customer try to reboot this monday the internet box, maybe she’s screwing up…

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