1.14.0-1 hard crashing when using IPv6

Using either rfc4193 or 6plane breaks the android application. I haven’t tried using other IPv6 non-managed addressing schemes, but with managed IPv4 this issue doesn’t occur.

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Same here. Disabling IPv6 keeps the connecion working. Enabling IPv6 crashes the process as soon as an IPv6 package is sent.

Android 14 - OneUI 6.1
Zerotier 1.14.0-1

I get exactly the same behavior. One UI version is 6.0 (Android 14)

Is there at least an option to roll back to the previous version? I rely on 6plane for docker containers

Previous builds can be found here Index of /RELEASES/ e.g. https://download.zerotier.com/RELEASES/1.12.2/dist/ZeroTierOne.apk