1.14 Rules Engine Changes


If you are using tag based rules like these :

accept ethertype arp;

tag server
  id 2
  enum 0 No
  enum 1 Yes
  default No;

# if neither member is a "server", break
break not tor server 1;

# This is required because the default action is 'drop'.
See the "Tags Matrix" in the section below after saving the rules. Set your servers to "Yes"

and your rules don’t have the accept ethertype arp; line at the top,

You may have issues with your pre-1.14 nodes talking to 1.14 nodes.

Please add the “arp” line as in the example. After all nodes are 1.14, the “arp” line can be removed.

Sorry for the trouble. If it was working for you previously without that line, it was basically luck that it was working.
It depends on how you phrase the tor rule and which node initiates the connection.

If you want to read more about the very complex conditions invovled, see here

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