1.6.2 for macOS seems to be flooding my network


I’m currently using zerotier v 1.62 on an Apple Macbook air, M1 chip, using macOS Big Sur 11.1.

Everytime I turn on my mac, the network starts slowing down after a few minutes.

The slowdown is not in terms of pages loading slowly, but they don’t load at all, then time out, with a host not resolved error. Refreshing the page, the page may or may not load, but if it loads, it loads at full speed.
Usually, when it get’s stuck, i see ‘resolving host’ in the browser status message.
This behaviour affects ALL clients on the network, windows pcs etc.
It seems as though my macbook’s zerotier client is exhausting all avaliable tcp connections on my LTE router.
Even as I am unable to load some pages, other pages that already streaming a video, youtube, for eg. continue to stream the video with no problems.

After 2 days of investigating, I noticed that the problem disappeared within a few minutes of turning the zerotier client off on my macbook.

I am able to consistently reproduce this issue.

Zerotier clients on windows do not cause any problems on this network, just my mac.

Reading this post, the effect seems to be the same, internet seems to keep dropping for all clients on the network intermittently.

Internet Keeps Dropping - Community Support - ZeroTier Discussions

However, unlike that post, rebooting all the clients on my network did not help

My interim solution is to disable zt on my mac client when I don’t need access to my zt network, the network normalizes within a few minutes, without fail.

I hope there is some solution to this

Hmm… does your ZeroTier network address space happen to overlap with your local LAN address space?

Looking at your network config, your ZT network is assigned to If your physical LAN is also in the same, you may see issues like this.

Thanks for the reply.

No, my physical LAN is in a different address space.

That’s really strange. We have an M1 Mac mini in house, and haven’t seen anything like what you’re reporting here. Can you go ahead and recreate the issue, then drop to a command line and run sudo zerotier-cli dump and then send it to me on here via a private message? It’ll create a file on your desktop called zerotier_dump.txt. That’s what I’ll need sent over.

I’m in a different location now.

There is no problem in my new location, I’ve been testing since yesterday

We have a fibre optic connection here and there are no issues so far, been testing since yesterday. The network topology otherwise is about the same, nothing fancy, just a router, switch, wifi access points and clients.

So, just to recap,

1.the issue happened in a location that used a router that used a mobile LTE connection for internet.

  1. The issue only happened when the Apple M1 mac’s zero tier client was turned on, after a few minutes. I don’t know about regular macs, this was the only mac we had there.

  2. The issue did not happen when windows zerotier clients were turned on.

I will be back at the problematic location in a month or two, I will do as you requested and send you the dump,

Thanks again for the attention

Spoke too soon, same thing is happening at my new location as well. i have the dump.txt file, please let me know when I can send it over

You should be able to click on my name on any of my posts and send me a private message.

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