1.6.2 for OpenWrt can't help forward traffic from external to all the devices under the OpenWrt rounter

I’m using ZeroTier on OpenWrt to join different LAN into one network using “Auto NAT Clients” function. it worked very well when I was using version 1.4.6. That each device under different subnet could ping / reach different subnet devices via this function. But after upgrading to 1.6.2. only OpenWrt can ping OpenWrt but can’t reach all the other subnet devices connecting to OpenWrt. This issue is critical as that means Zerotier lost it’s meaning for OpenWrt. I have to install Zerotier on each subnet device directly because NAT function via OpenWrt is not working.

We have no involvement with the OpenWRT port of ZeroTier. That’s a project that came up via the community of ZeroTier users. Unfortunately there’s not much we can offer for help with your issue other than to send you to the ZeroTier on OpenWRT GitHub project page: https://github.com/mwarning/zerotier-openwrt

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