1.6.6 Can No Longer SSH into Remote RPis?

Hello All,

I used to use ZeroTier to ssh into remote RPis that were operating amateur seismometers across my state. Now after the update to version 1.6.6, I can no longer ssh in to any RPis not on my current network. The connection just times out. I wonder if this is related to the new update and if there is any way to recover this functionality?

Dr. Ward

thanks for writing. They should still work. Something else must have happened?

I looked up 1 network associated with your email address, and it has 3 members. It looks like some members have been deleted. If needed, to get back deleted members use the “manually add member” input. Deleted members are de-authorized.

Hmmm, nothing else on my end changed. I will try some things but from where I sit, something has changed and I can’t figure it out. I will try one more thing to see if it works and then reassess where my problem might be.

Hi, I seem to be able to reproduce this problem.

On 1.6.6, which I just updated today, and panicked, because I have Pis in remote locations!

Debian 10 Buster
login ssh localhost OK
login ssh localIP OK
login ssh remotely IP OK
login ssh localZTIP FAIL
login ssh remotely ZTIP FAIL

Finally I tried login ssh local/remotely ZTIPV6 OK!

pheww! Please check why IPV4 is broken. Thanks.


Interesting note, there is NO reference to the IPV4 address in the whole of /var/log/*
but many references to the IPV6 address.

how did you upgrade?
I found a pi that was on 1.6.5 and did apt update; apt install zerotier-one
no hiccups. just one example though.
debian 10, pi 3

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