1.8.xxxx version, can't load zerotier, loop admin permission window

hi everybody, sorry my english is not good, (Google Translator used)

35 computers, desktop, aio and laptop, dell, lenovo and generic
some windows 10 pro and home, 21h1 and 21h2
all 64 bits
some with windows defender, eset smart security, bitdefender and kaspersky internet security
all spanish version mexico
no issues with local account admin, and no more accounts
12 computers with domain account and 13 computers with local account without privileges, i got issues.
all UAC level maximum
all fresh installation, i don’t like upgrade!
version zerotier 1.6.6 working fine, but zerotier version 1.8.x failed when i try to load zerotier application, show me administrator password again and again and again, doesn’t stop!!!

I take one of the computers, wipe all partitions, install windows 10, when finished install zerotier 1.8.4 work fine, on that same computer, wipe partitions again, install windows 10 again, create a user account without admin privileges , install zerotier 1.8.4 and it fails.

any solution? please.

thank you for this wonderful vpn

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