401 [ ] Response after script ran for loading to a linux box

I have been migrating a whole bunch of systems over to zero and in almost every case with perfect success. on 3 of the systems out of like 50+. One running ubu18 the other 2 20 i run the install script and it goes thru fine and i get a device ID. Then I go to check the status or join it to our network and i recieve 401{} response.

When i do a cursory glance thru the ZT folder everything appears as it does on the other systems ive migrated. It SEEMS like the port isnt binding or well staying bound but im unsure.

I am new to linux but am learning quickly so any directions or things to try would be greatly appreciated.


401 is an HTTP Unauthorized message. Do you have a stray ~/.zerotier-local-auth that doesn’t match what is in /var/lib/zerotier-one/authtoken.secret?

We looked and did not see the file in the home folder.

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