500 Nodes now cost $9000?

I noticed a thread on Redit about Zerotier business pricing.

This is the quote that I would like clarification on.

“I just got off a call with them today, they quoted me $9000 a year for 500 endpoints. I was paying $499 a year before. Obviously I’m not doing that. And they’re only giving me 45 days to get all my endpoints off. I’m not happy.”

A quick Google of Zerotier Business pricing will bring you here.
Showing $1500 for 150 nodes But with 3 Admins and 3SSOs

If you follow the link on the site you end up here:
Which doesn’t have any pricing.

The Professional Package used to include support and I found a page that said users of the OLD PROFESSIONAL Package could still contact support…

So if we have an old professional account and a few nodes… do we have till our next renewal? Are accounts grandfathered? Or do we have to get off the platform in a set amount of days?

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I got quoted $7200 instead of $500 a year this is beyond crazy!!! Zero Tier! Why would you do this to your long-standing customers?

Good afternoon,

My name is Angelo Rodriguez, and I am the Head of Sales at ZeroTier. I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience, and we certainly are not trying to negatively impact our long standing customers. I will reach out to you directly to discuss this with you. I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Out of interest, why the mystery around the pricing?
I, and many of my clients, have a no-buy policy for companies that do not list prices up-front.
This is particularly acute for the education sector, where budgets are assigned yearly, and the flexibility is nil to “the cost of this one product exceeds the yearly IT budget” (sometimes multiple times over.)

Have to second this.

A lack of a public pricing structure for commercial use makes it very, very difficult to advocate for the product.

Best I can tell… I was in compliance with the plan when i signed up. And I was still good when my annual plan was reupped.

Guess I will wait and see if they re up it in May of 2024???

I think a public address of this change seems reasonable.

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