A Record for my Domian DNS Settings to point to a Zerotier Network behind a CGNAT router

Hi Folk’s
Cannot get my head around this.
I have a domain: www.1234.com.
I want to add a “pointer” - A Record for MS Anywhere Access.
So do I create an A Record eg: Server.1234.com pointing to the the 172.25.x.x IP address in Zerotier ?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

If you’re using Windows Server Essentials, then this won’t work because Anywhere Access requires a real static publicly-facing IP address. If the ISP for this computer uses DHCP or PPP in any way, then networking will eventually break.

If you’re using the similarly named Microsoft 365 feature, then this probably won’t work because TXT MS= record validation will glitch for 172.25.x.x and all other private RFC 1918 addresses.

The best solution is to install ZeroTier on the Windows Server instance and all of its clients.

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