A reference architecture for AWS VPC and private network?

Hey, folks.

I’ve used ZeroTier for ages but never before with AWS. This week I’ve been trying to mesh up a private network with an AWS VPC and I’m seeing some pretty odd behavior.

Before I get into my exact layout and challenges, is there any concept of ZeroTier reference architectures to which I could refer? Bonus if there’s one for AWS.

So to my specific situation:

  1. Half a dozen hosts in an AWS VPC with all traffic allowed between the nodes in the VPC. No public addresses, gateways, etc for these.

  2. Single “control plane” node which is driving orchestration of the nodes in the VPC from a private network.

  3. All nodes have zerotier-one client and are joined to the network with names defined in the web console.

  4. All nodes are Ubuntu 22.04 with avahi-daemon + avahi-utils packages.

I can avahi-resolv-host-name in both directions. I can ping the control plane node from the nodes in the VPC. I cannot ping the VPC nodes from the control plane node and the complaint is about a temporary DNS resolution failure.

Other things which might be relevant:

  • although IPv6 was enabled it is no longer.

Any thoughts?

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