Able to connect, but not able to host

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a persistent issue with zero-tier for a number of months now. Re-installs have been thus far unable to fix it. I host an occasional Arma 3 LAN server for my friend group (just through the game itself, not the separate server application). It worked flawlessly for a long time, but I have recently (Since about February of last year) been unable to host games. Curiously, I am perfectly able to join the games my friends host using the exact same method. I assume it’s something on my end, but I don’t know how to go about fixing it. I alternate between 2 other VPNs from time to time, globalprotect for university stuff and Private Internet Access for personal use. Though those are both turned off when the issue presents itself. I’m at a complete loss here.

I apologize for the lack of documentation, but I frankly don’t know what’s helpful and what isn’t. I would be happy to provide anything that might help.

Thank you so much for your help.

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