About the Price

It’s understandable and fair to pay when using a product.and I’ve been using Zerotier for some months.Good experience I give you that.though somtimes hard to connect to one of my devices.I m starting an online store selling routers. Using zerotier to connect to my routers so that I can know the status better and help my customers solve some daily network problems because some elder cutomers do not know how to deal with their devices even though it is very easy.so zerotier helps a lot.
I remember one month ago zerotier charges free under 100 devices and for unlimited devices about 29-39usd.
now you see it is free under 50 devices and 49usd monthly between 100-500 devices and the unlimited plan is also not available and has to contact to get the price.
I m only using zerotier to log in router manage web to check the status and there is not much internet traffic.
I worry the price get higher and higher and I have to take the price for my customers.Someday I could not afford it and my new career has to end

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