Access a Mapped Drive on a Serverless network

Is there a way to Access a mapped drive on a network without a Windows server? Im using Zerotier.
Data is shared from a Thecus drive .

I’m having a hard time tracking down any documentation specific to those NAS devices, but generally speaking you either need a storage appliance capable of running ZeroTier natively, or a gateway of some sort that can route traffic between the local LAN and remote ZeroTier clients.

If the Thecus device you’re using is capable of running Docker containers, installing Debian or OpenWRT packages, or building C++ code from source you may be able to connect it directly to a ZeroTier network, but my guess is that you’re going to need that gateway. Any spare PC, Raspberry Pi, or VM running inside your LAN can serve as a gateway; there are quite a few threads here + articles on our documentation site describing how to set up that kind of connection.

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