Access camera/ip remotely through WIndows 10 ZT Client

Okay, i’m sure i will be told this topic has been discussed. I have searched and have found no definitive answer or solution to this - other than some general statements.

I have a simple setup. Cameras just happen to be my scenario
ZT Network
2 clients
Windows Desktop

Works perfectly, i am able to access windows application (Blue Iris) and am able to view all cameras.
However, I still need to get directly to a couple of cameras. They have a local ip address. But of course, they are not ZT clients.
Below some information, exact address obfuscated, but you get the idea. This is all set up, i can hit a web server or app on the Windows 10 machine from Android without any issues, without opening ports (great!!)

  • Windows 10 Lan address (192.168.1.*)
  • Windows 10 ZT Address (
  • Camera (
  • Android ZT Address (172.22.x.x)

So, is it possible for Android to access by utilizing
forwarding/bridging (or whatever …) Windows 10 ( above?

If so, how is this done? What needs to be done on Windows 10 (specifically)
What needs to be done in ZeroTier Network configuration
Anything in particular on the router?

Is this possible, or do i need to begin looking into a VPN that may handle this a bit more straight forward?

thanks for and to anybody that has gotten this to work and can explain how.

For Windows Server, there’s Routing and Remote Access (RRAS), but this is considered by Microsoft a “Server Feature” and it isn’t enabled/allowed on Windows 10.

Outside of that I’m unaware of a straightforward way of setting that up on Windows 10 Home or Pro. Your best bet may be to spend a few bucks on a Raspberry Pi and follow some of our Linux guides for similar configuration.

Thank you very much for definitively confirming my suspicions. I’ll have a look at the Raspberry Pi solution - i have zero familiarization with it, but maybe worth playing with.

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