Access Denied | macOS Sonoma 14.0 | M1

Dear Community,

I have tried joining my Mac to a network for my company to complete a POC, but I keep getting the following error message:
[{"allowDNS":false,"allowDefault":false,"allowGlobal":false,"allowManaged":true,"assignedAddresses":[],"bridge":false,"broadcastEnabled":false,"dhcp":false,"dns":{"domain":"","servers":[]},"id":"NETWORK ID","mac":"fake:fa:fa","mtu":2800,"multicastSubscriptions":[],"name":"","netconfRevision":0,"nwid":"NETWORK ID","portDeviceName":"fethFAKE","portError":0,"routes":[],"status":"ACCESS_DENIED","type":"PRIVATE"}]

I tried the GUI and the CLI but still, it will not let me join even though it says ‘OK’

200 join OK```
I also tried leaving and re-joining.

zerotier-cli leave NETWORK ID

Does anyone have tips I could try to fix this?

Did you authorise the node to join the network?

I just solved my own issue. It really helps if you didn’t hide yourself mistakenly by clicking the eye and not filtering by this image

Thank you Crest for your suggestion.

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