Access Denied On Client Mac


I am getting access denied for a node that has been added and approved. How can I correct that? I have a professional license. Can I get phone support?

Mark Androw

Hello. Interesting. Can you open, type zerotier-cli dump ? It will create a file on your desktop.
If you’re logged in to with a paid account, there should be a support widget to open a ticket and attach the file.

Please help me find the support widget to upload the dump from Terminal?

When I type those commands into Terminal I get “no match”

We just did a release, so the now the first thing we should do is run the new installer (1.6.4)

Hmm. The dump command was added somewhat recently. If upgrading doesn’t solve the original issue. The dump command should at least be there. (don’t type a question mark in the command)

Hi. I updated to version 1.6.4 and I am able to connect but my server doesn’t show up. I have another identical computer with the same set up and I am able to see the server from the other machine. Firewall is off and all virus protection is also turned off.

See link to Dump file. Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to attach text file. file

Also, can I add myself as a user and still fall within the one administrator rule? I would like to log in with a different email address. Is phone support available?


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