Access Home Lan network

I have installed Zerotier on Win10
Zerotier lan works. Zt network, Zt of Win10 Home
Zt is windows Private network on Win10.
Try to access Home local network e.g.
No ping, no Access.
Have tryed:
Routing on Zerotier web page set via
EnableIprouter 1,
Services.msc Routing and remote access - Automatic ( started)
route -p add mask
Disabled Firewall.

I do not have Static routing option on the Home Router.

What do I wrong ?
Another app like Zt gives access and pinging all my network. Without any routing and so on, just allow an option “allow access to Local network”

It seems like you got most of it done. We’re not very familiar with Windows’ routing features. I think you need to enable “masquerade”

Do you think about this ?

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenaddress= listenport=80 connectaddress= connectport=80

Yes it works but this is like redirect ports on a Router, I do not see whole network.
How i wrote I have tested another Program like Zerotier and it works just with One Opition -
ALLOW LOCAL NETWORK ACCESs without anything to do (more).

I know (i have tested it) that IF the router has option STATIC ROUTES then it will work.
ORANGE LIVEBOX do not have it.

Mayby this help you, to find solution of this problem.
There must be a trick to avoid this case.

I think Windows calls it Internet Connection Sharing.

I faced the same problem, have you fixed it yet?

Connection sharing changes IP configuration on interfaces.

I have did years before do it on Windows XP and it worked.
There was Card priority option to change ( it’s going on default route on Windows - to send package first on ZT interfaces.
I don’t have idea how to fix this.

Ps. Have installed Win7 and will test it (I found there the same option). Maybe it will help somehow, to find solution.

The other app as I wrote, uses gvisor … But I don’t know how use it.

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