Access LAN through ZeroTier Router setup?

I have ZeroTier installed on my OpenWRT router, I followed these steps: Set Up a ZeroTier Network on OpenWRT • KEVRON2u.COM by KEVRON Enterprise

How can I access/connect to my device through zerotier which is plugged into my LAN2 port (ethernet), do I need some kind of “Add Routes” or port-forwarding magic?

Made up ip: 10.100.0.x / 24
Router ip (zerotier):
Device: (static lease/ip, at LAN 2)

Computer A (ZT —> Router A —> Internet —> Router B (ZT —> LAN2 —> Device X (

I would want Computer A to ‘ADB Connect’ to Device X over internet, for that I need to make Device X IP accessable through ZeroTier. Preferrably I would like my Router to ensure the connection to zerotier is always on. That’s why I installed it on my OpenWRT router, now I would like to access Device X. How can I achieve that?

I’m a little further along than you–I can ping and access network folders, but my friends still can’t see my lan games, so I’ve still got some work to do. I went off of these instructions for my openwrt install:

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