Access remote server via macOS catalina 10.15.7

I have ZeroTier setup. I have one internal Ubuntu server that I have installed the ZeroTier software. I can see this server on the dashboard and I have authorized it. I have 6 other PC/Macs/iPhone that all have the ZeroTier install and confirming that they have joined the correct network and I have authorized each one. All the macs (2) and iphone (1) and a windows11 PC (1) can access the internal server except the mac running Catalina. He was able to access the internal server yesterday but not today. I have uninstall/reinstalled ZeroTier. I had him reboot the mac to no avail. No ZeroTier connection shows in the Network app. I am able to use Teamviewer to connect to his mac. I open Terminal and execute an ssh connection - nothing happens. when I ping the server I “Request Timed out” Any ideas?

Hi, I guess a firewall issue or ssh service not started.

The weird thing is he was able to access the remote server yesterday. According to him nothing has changed. Other connections have no issue and get right into the remote server. I connected to his mac and I found ping didn’t work, ssh didn’t work. ssh service is running on the remote server (I as well as others can connect just fine).

If it used to work something must obviously have been changed, but what is the million-dollar question!

  • Perhaps a double-nat issue due to cg-nat or similar if his connection preferences has changed?
  • Are you able to locate his Mac in ZeroTier Central (and is “Last Seen” recently updated) or when using the command “zerotier-cli peers” ?

Did you get it to work?

Trying to get the guy’s attention. The problem is he is running Little Stitch (LS) firewall and he needs to open UDP access. I found this out from the guy that installed LS and he asked if Zerotier was using UDP and that is when he told me that by opening access to UDP it should work.

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