Access to internal private networks

I have a requirement, but I don’t know how to realize it, so I’d like to ask you
There is a private internal LAN. There is a server in the LAN. The IP is My computer is assigned a fixed IP of
I want to be able to access the internal server through zerotier anywhere. What devices do I need to add and how do I set them up to solve this problem
Please note: the internal LAN assigns a fixed IP address to each computer, so I only have one IP address Adding devices to solve the problem can not affect this computer to access the server. Do you need to add a router and set the IP address to for the WAN port of the router?
I am waiting for your reply online. Thank you very much

If you only need to access that specific server you can install ZeroTier on the server and on your computer, join them to the same network, and that should do it. Depending on how your firewall looks you might need to change some things in the firewall config. If you want to access the whole network you can add a router running ZeroTier in the network and configure it as a gateway and push a route on the ZeroTier network.

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