Access to LAN devices with ZeroTier router and double NAT


Since last couple weeks I have new internet connection in HFC technology (without public IP).

ISP’s router is a total sh**t (some model of KAON; a lot of jams on WiFi connection etc.), so I have connected my own router (TP-Link AX6) to the internet through KAON router (I’ve disabled everything apart DHCP). There is no option to use anything else without KAON router.

Sadly there is no bridge mode on KAON router and now I have double NAT. Because I want external access to my LAN I’ve decided to use ZeroTier.

I’ve installed ZeroTier on Raspberry PI 2 with Raspian Lite (Bullseye) and followed Route between ZeroTier and Physical Networks.

To sum up:
INTERNET <> KAON Router (192.168.0.X) <> TP-LINK Router (192.168.2.X) <> PC1 (LAN and RPi (LAN with ZeroTier

Routes in ZeroTier central:

  • via

I want to access PC1 from Internet through RPi.

Currently I’m able to ping RPi from Internet (PC2 with mobile data and ZeroTier, but not able to ping PC1.

I’ve added a static route ( to on TP-Link router, but still without success.

Maybe I’ve to move RPi from TP-Link router’s LAN to KAON router’s LAN (from 192.168.2.X subnet to 192.168.0.X subnet) and create static route on KAON ( to < address of TP-Link WAN obtained from KAON)?

Or maybe I’m wrong?

Please help me.

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