Access webserver with public address and bypass ZT network?


I have a webserver running various services at OFFICE, with my own domain.

In OFFICE I have a Mikrotik router with ZT OFFICE with Zt-IP LAN in

In Zerotier central I have a route to via and it works fine, I can access my LAN when connected to ZT OFFICE

If i’m at HOME, and I access my services via their public address (example: I can run a speedtest and get good speeds (50mbps/10mbps).

But if I’m connected to the ZT OFFICE network if I try to access the speedtest is very slow (0.25mbps/3mbps)

This happens to all my services in OFFICE when I’m at home.

Is there a setting I must use to avoid connecting to my public services via ZT when connected to ZT network?

Those speeds sound like you are relaying rather than going direct.

Do you know how to fix that?

Usually it’s caused by NAT randomising ports in a way that stops UDP hole punching from working.

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