Accessing Blue Iris when running as a Service?

I was able to quickly and easily install ZeroTier on a dedicated Windows 11 PC running Blue Iris and after installing the ZeroTier application on an iPhone 13, was able to view the cams on the Blue Iris system flawlessly both on and off the LAN.

The problem is that the PC apparently restarted unattended, loading Blue Iris as a service. (I am not at the site.) While I receive email notifications of triggered cam activity ( confirming that Blue Iris running ), I cannot connect in the Blue Iris application on the iPhone.

I can also confirm that the security PC is shown as “online” in the ZeroTier Central.

Can anyone comment on my inability to connect in this situation? Is it because the PC is running Blue Iris as a service or because the security computer has not been fully booted ( likely sitting as the enter password screen ).

Any workaround suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

  • Scott


I recently deployed blue iris in a enterprise environment as well. Also using zerotier to keep HTTP secure.

While searching for a proper fix- I found your post. The problem I found, is when running blue iris as a service. Anytime the server reboots, as blue iris launches it will bind the IPV4 for the actual network adapter, NOT the IPV4 of the zero tier virtual adapter.

This seems to only be a problem if you are running blue iris as a service. I have a feeling that the Blue Iris service just launches before the Zerotier service is up and running, in turn forcing the only option for HTTP out to be your actual IPV4

I currently have a work around, leveraging a group policy applied to the OU the server is housed in for blue iris, and a scheduled task on the server to launch blue iris on start up.

The group policy applies reg edits to allow a service account to automatically log in.

If you need some help configuring this, I’m happy to help. This seems to work the best for our environment.

Delayed start of BI service may work however, but it is untested my end.
Run Services.MSC

As for the sitting at a password screen, the server should be up. Just not able to route out.
Assuming it is configured as service.

Let me know, if I can help you out anymore.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion, Davey. I just arrived at the site and found that the Local internal (LAN) access reflected in Blue Iris had indeed reset to the actual network adapter (as you suspected).

This apparently happened when the security computer restarted (unattended) and Blue Iris started as a service.

I inspected the ServiceGroupOrder using regedt32.exe, but was not able to locate “BI” in the List. If I could identify the entry that controls the launching of Blue Irirs, I would certainly follow your (great) suggestion to move it to the end of the sequence.

I am not familiar with group policies but would give this a try with instructions.

Thanks again for your much-appreciated advice. ZeroTier is absolutely what I need to securely access Blue Iris remotely from my iPhone, I just would like to figure out how to prevent changing the network adapter when it (BI) launches on reboot as a service.

Best - Scott

I did test delayed start for you and it appears to be the fix you need.

Start menu > “services.msc” > Press enter
Find BI
Right Click > Properties
Startup Type > Delayed Start.

This configuration will delay the BI service from starting for 120 seconds.
In turn allowing ZeroTier service to start prior to BI searching for Network Adapters.

Let me know how this works.

Wow! THANK YOU Zachary!! This should do the trick! I’ll test it over the weekend when am back on-site.

I would never have found thus without your suggestion!

All the best!

I just tested Zachary’s suggested solution and can confirm that it WORKED PERFECTLY. Delaying the launch of the Blue Iris service provides the time for the ZeroTier service to start, initializing the ZeroTier virtual network adapter prior to the start of the Blue Iris service.

This works perfectly!

THANK YOU, Zachary!

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