Accessing Containers accessed on Synology with localhost through ZeroTier

Hi everyone,

I’m running a Synology NAS with multiple containers inside docker. My local network allows me to access each of the containers through a mapped port to each container via localhost:port, e.g. or whatever it may be.

I’m not self-hosting ZeroTier.

I’ve successfully set up a ZeroTier virtual network on the 10.147 range, only three devices being my phone, my synology and my win pc. To test the connection outside of my local network, I use the phone on mobile data and turn on ZT. Success, I can access my win pc and I can access the synology login screen via it’s own ZT IP of 10.147.X.X and port. I can’t however change the port to access the docker services which are accessible inside the network on localhost:port.

So I did something which I’m not sure if it’s suitable or not - I added a managed route to access my local network via the 10.147 virtual network. I can now connect to my router via while outside the local network, I can connect to the synology via its static internal IP and port (NOT the ZT 10.147 IP) but still can’t access any of the containers when querying their ports. Wondering if anyone has had similar experience and knows where I’m going wrong/what I’m not doing.


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