Accessing internal lan clients by IP address from different devices conected by ZT

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I am starting my studies in this area.

I ask for help to resolve a situation in our laboratory.

I installed ZeroTier-One on my notebook that I use at home, and on the PC of the university laboratory that has access to the internet.

The laboratory PC has a network device to access the internet, and another network device to access the local network

This equipment is connected to this local network and I need to access it remotely through the notebook.

I made some attempts using the ping- application to access this equipment or another networked PC without success (no response found!).

The network is formed as follows:

A) Notebook (ZeroTier-One
B) Internet
C) PC LAB (card1- and card2-
D) Equipment -
Untitled Diagram (upload://74MFlWFzkBNan9LaUaxBFcgYU3u.jpeg) healthy!
I inserted a figure to graphically represent the intended connection.


I inserted a route into ZeroTier-one via (IP Zerotier PC lab)

This way I can ping from to, but I cannot access the equipment with IP

I made some attempts with IP tables NAT and also with IP route on PC LAB without success.

Can someone help me?

You’ll need to set up the computer in the lab to route between the ZeroTier & physical LAN. If it’s a Linux machine, see here: Route between ZeroTier and Physical Networks

Dear friend,
Thank you for the tip.
I made a change to the design.
I put the WAN entry (internet) connected to the router so I don’t need to use two network cards.
I applied the instructions on the link “route between the ZeroTier & physical LAN”.
And it worked. Yupi

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