Accessing internal LAN clients by IP address from different devices connected by ZeroTier

I have gone through this topic “Route between ZeroTier and Physical Networks” . But this describes of Linux. Anyway can we do this in windows. How to add rules in iptables in case of Windows

In windows you have to do this a fair bit differently, and under Windows 10 you can still bridge connections, but be aware you need to enable the allow bridged connection tickbox for the machine in the my.zerotier control panel first.

I’ve not tested this, but I’ve used this with great effect in other scenarios. If you select two network devices, then right-click, you can ask for them to be bridged. This will cause network traffic to flow freely between the two linked devices. Be very careful, if you create a network loop you’ll boot everything off [I’ve done this with ethernet bridged to wireless, when linking isolated networks between buildings. However, the end user can forget this and plug it into a normal network, creating chaos.]

I am facing the same issue. I tried Briging the connections but the ZeroTier Adapter looses connectivity after the bridge is created

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