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I like to have access to my security cameras but my ISP doesn’t allow incoming connections. I read about Zerotier and someone said it had “almost no configuration needed”… Boy were they wrong. I’m not a programmer, I don’t know the first thing about linux commands or any of that. I’m thoroughly confused by everything I read in the knowledge base and there doesn’t seem to be much hope for the uninitiated. To the folks at ZT, I appreciate the free service, However i’d rather not have to take classes at community college to learn how to use it. I do think you should work on making it more accessible to the “Average Joe” computer user

Please let me know if it’s possible, using a router running advanced tomato and a dedicated imac to be able to access an IP camera from a remote site. I could run a VM on the mac if needed.

Hello @mcgowanhs.

For the vast majority of cases no configuration is necessary. Most people only need to install the service and copy/paste a network ID. Your use case is more complicated than that and will thusly require a more complicated solution. This is the case no matter what SD-WAN solution you select.

I’ll try to help, and feel free to ask specific questions if any of our documentation is confusing.

The easiest solution that I see is: Installing ZT on your iMac and turning on screensharing via the macOS settings so that you can view the iMac’s screen showing camera feeds remotely, and then installing ZT on the device you want to view from (e.g. a laptop) and joining both the iMac and the laptop to the same ZT network. Done.

The more complicated but performant solution I see is: Installing ZT on your router, or a raspberry pi on the same network as your cameras and setting up a bridge from your physical LAN to your virtual ZT network This will let you access the cameras in exactly the same way that the iMac does, but over the ZT network. No screensharing required as the iMac is not involved. Instructions can be found here but to be honest I would just try to make the first option work.

Let me know if you need further clarification, we’ll do our best to get you going.

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