Active users CLI parameter

The zero-tier-cli doesn’t have much functionality out of the box.

One such feature that I find crucial. is the ability to show the number of active members for given zero-tier VPN network.

That’s not really something a member joined to a network knows, or should know. That’s the realm of the Network Controller, which can be accessed on the web if you’re using ours at, or via REST API if you’re running your own. Either way, it’s not information that is known or should be known to a member joined to a network.

Hi @Josef,

In addition to the REST APIs, you can use something like nmap or fing.

If you set up a DNS server for your network, you can even see the names.

nmap -sP --dns-server= -oG - 
Host:   (abc.domain)       Status:  Up
Host:  (def.domain)       Status:  Up
Host:  (nas.domain)       Status:  Up

The concept of “online” is a little tricky because it’s a peer to peer system. Just because NodeA can talk to the network controller or NodeC, doesn’t necessarily mean it can talk to NodeB