Add FEC code to tunnels

I would love to see some FEC feature added to the zerotier tunnels, especially in relation to multipath, to make an even more resilient network.

I’m not running this in production, but I do have 2 beta sites configured using tinyfecvpn ( which I’m tunneling over zerotier. The UDPspeeder library they use is open source (MIT)

just more info here on what it takes to pull off a nice redundant error correcting tunnel with other products.

peplink is about the best and cheapest option.
Get a $400 (or much more) peplink router for ‘site’ side
Get another $400 (or much more) peplink for the ‘server’ side
Pay approximately $5/m/device (paid yearly) for required license support, so a PTP is going to be $10/month.

To do this in the cloud you have to do at least 5 tunnels on the cloud side for $500 up-front, plus those yearly license rates.

This gets expensive pretty quickly because it ends up being around $10/month with a heavy initial spend just for the tunnel and then whatever extra complications required to make the work with an application.

I would very very gladly pay zerotier a monthly pro license for this and MANY others would as well.

(hint, 3cx PBX and SBC both happily run zerotier so that’s a very very large and interested audience)