Adding Multi-Functional Printers/Managed Print Services to Network

Hello and good afternoon,

I want to ask if multi-functional printers or a managed print service can be added to a network since they are software-based rather than hardware-based.

In our main office, we have a printer connected to a server. I successfully connected the server to the Zerotier network, and it is functioning properly. Several devices, such as phones and laptops, are also connected to the network.

My goal is to print a file from my phone. I connect to the Zerotier network but I’m unable to locate the printer.

Is there any way I can connect the machines to the network?

You will probably have to manually configre your phone/app with the zerotier ip address of the print server. I don’t know if this is possible on phones. It doesn’t look like it on iphone. Maybe with an app.

Auto-discovery won’t work on mobile because apple and android limit “vpn” connections.

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