Advanced Load balancing (per-flow-type rules)


Not sure if I should ask in Feature Requests or Support topic as it may be both.
In order to offer load balancing / availability with 2 interfaces I can use Linux interface bonding mechanism, and I understood that as similar feature (Multipath) will be introduced in next version of ZeroTier, right ?

This is a great feature, but reading the doc it seems to have same limitation as linux bonding, meaning that all the traffic will follow same “arbitration/rules”.
Do you consider having a way to configure link choice depeding on flow type (filter by port, tag, or whatever) in addition to “balance-aware” mode ?
For example :

  • I can have a video stream needing high bandwidth, whatever the latency
  • and a VoIP service with low bandwidth but short latency requirement

And if this is not plan, do you have any advice about how to use any other tool in addition to Zerotier to achieve this ? (Today I can do it with home made code updating iptables rules but i’m looking for something more “packaged”)

Thanks a lot for your help,