After uninstalling Zero Tier i cannot install it again

Good afternoon, i have a server with windows server 2012R2 that i utilize zerotier one to make some remote conections, i wasnt able to get any updates so i tried to uninstall the program and install a later version but after uninstalling i wasn’t able to get any versions of the program to install again, everytime i try the error message “the older version of Zero Tier One cannot be removed” appears. I am using an administrator user and the program is already not listed in the installed programs.

i would appreciate any help regarding this problem.

Hi @Brsuporte03 have you tried to remove the folders from previous installations?


C:\Program Files\ZeroTier

C:\Program Files (x86)\ZeroTier


hi @dmiranda sorry for the late answer, yea i did remove all these folders and even then i still cant install any version of zero tier.

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